Introducing The Impulsive Thinker Podcast

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Podcast Purpose

To celebrate ADHD entrepreneurial success and our ADHD gifts and strengths.

Who Is The Podcast For?

The podcast is specifically for the high-achieving entrepreneur who is living with ADHD.  A high-achieving entrepreneur is someone who sets goals, achieves them, and sets new goals to achieve.

Podcast Goals and Vision

The podcast will help the high-achieving ADHD entrepreneur develop systems, routines, and habits to succeed by hearing from other entrepreneurs who live with ADHD.  We will interview other entrepreneurs sharing their challenges and how they succeeded.  

Podcast Format and Structure

The host, André Brisson, will interview ADHD entrepreneurs to discuss their challenges and their strategies to attain great success.  Experts will also be interviewed to help educate ADHD entrepreneurs about their ADHD brains and help them build a self-managing company.

The host will have guest hosts who will draw out his Impulsive Thinking to share his knowledge and experiences as an undiagnosed ADHD entrepreneur and how he transformed his symptoms into strengths.

Every Monday at 8 am EST, an interview episode will be published.

Every Thursday at 8 am EST, a short episode will be published with a random thought, recent challenge or success, observation, or a new piece of knowledge.

Trailer: Are you a High-Achieving ADHD Entrepreneur

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