“Simplifying Your Complexities”

Does your success feel short lived? Are you over-critical of yourself? Do you lose good colleagues or employees because of your fast-paced style? Do you find yourself in the habit of over-complicating things and constant over?

You CAN reframe your ADHD symptoms as strengths and harness them to find your vision of success!

My Unique Ability is learning, thinking, and simplifying your complexities and to fearlessly tackle and solve complex problems by anticipating roadblocks, decisively uncovering unique solutions to solve the impossible.

Are YOU a high achieving, gifted ADHD entrepreneur ready to harness YOUR strengths?



Join other ADHD entrepreneurs and professionals just like you in monthly workshops that will help you break form and harness your ADHD symptoms as a strength.


One-to-one coaching to help you harness your ADHD for success. Together we’ll tackle your unique challenges and discover abilities to unlock success in your entrepreneurial pursuits or professional career.


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Tactical Breakthroughs will help you…

Find your natural instincts to solve problems through proven assessments

Learn how to effectively collaborate with colleagues

Develop you unique tactical strategies

Simplify your business(es)

Break through career-based hyperfocus for a more balanced life

An entrepreneur diagnosed as an adult with ADHD, André Brisson has drawn from his experience overcoming obstacles in life to create a unique process of simplifying what seems impossible and creating intellectual shortcuts. These processes were unknowingly developed to overcome his ADHD symptoms prior to his diagnosis. They were key for the success he has had in life and his start-up engineering businesses.

I observe the World in a unique way by seeing holes others don’t see and simplify complexity.  I am able to communicate what I see to challenge what you see and think is right, wrong, good, bad, silly, adequate, or down right different.”

Harnessing Your ADHD Strengths

Mapping Your ADHD

Strengths and Talents Outside of ADHD

Planning and Seeing Your Week and Day

Automating You: Habits, Routines and Systems

Engineering Start-up and Growth Woes

“I am grateful for all of our very real, strategic, honest and thoughtful conversations- you definitely challenge my thinking, force me to think deeper and push a little more…. and to be more direct (which I have trouble with) It makes for a much different kind of day/appreciation for my role.”

Nicole Solitar

Program Advisor, Strategic Coach

Providing Awareness For Action

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